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Diocese of Sacramento

Diocese of Sacramento


Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament



Bishop Jaime Soto

Joy and Hope

by Bishop
Jaime Soto





6/19/10   Bringing new innovations to The Catholic Herald
6/5/10   Freedom: Cherish it and use it well
5/22/10   Two mothers share in compassion, healing
5/8/10   Lourdes displays the Catholic paradox
4/24/10   Choose wisely from the old and the new
4/10/10   Jesus’ enduring love and mercy will save us
3/20/10   How hard the search for answers can be
3/6/10   Lent wakes us from our slumber
2/20/10   Easing up on technology could be sacrifice for Lent
2/6/10   The Spirit of Jesus gives us courage
1/23/10   Saints’ lives fuse charity and worship
1/9/10   Christ brings the light of faith and reason
12/12/09   Finding many signs of Advent joy and hope
11/21/09   Tradition is a flood of memories
11/7/09   Hold on to the clarity of faith
10/17/09   Love of Christ is the one thing that matters
10/3/09   Catechists: Inspire children and young people
9/19/09   Clarity of vision comes from hope, not hatred
9/5/09   Being a good Christian, like pitching, takes lots of practice
8/8/09   A meal when life and love is shared
7/4/09   Discover the true purpose of freedom
6/20/09   We are known and loved by the Lord
6/6/09   Faith is about the promise we remember
5/23/09   Make the manners of the Beatitudes the habits of the heart
5/9/09   We see the Lord in one another
4/25/09   Freedom that will give us true peace
4/11/09   The Risen Lord still does great things for us
3/28/09   God cares who we are, what we do
3/7/09   Faith journeys of the elect strengthen our own
2/21/09   Jesus gives life to all we say and do
2/7/09   Embrace a clear, hopeful vision of sexuality
1/24/09   Let's point young people to the Lord Jesus
1/10/09   Let the Savior's light shine in words, actions
11/22/08   We are the stewards of the Lord's gifts
10/18/08   Prop. 4 would return common sense to state law
9/20/08   Governor should sign bill simplifying food stamps
8/16/08   Keeping our eyes fixed on marriage
7/5/08   Marriage debate not just about ballot measure
6/7/08   Let your faith be a public matter
5/3/08   How do we remain in Jesus?
4/5/08   Incomprehensible ways of God’s mercy should startle, surprise us
3/8/08   Lent is not a lonely, anonymous campaign, but a public matter